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Long thought of as Manhattan Beach’s go to shopping destination, The Beehive remains one of the hippest retail stores on the California coast. Located just blocks from the ocean, the store’s retro style attracts locals, tourists and even the occasional celebrity. Known for discovering the newest designers and the freshest looks, The Beehive is famous for its laid back attitude, incredible gift ideas and signature candy counter.

Owners and longtime Manhattan Beach residents Nancy and Dana McFarland, have single handedly shaped the shopping district in Manhattan Beach with their unique taste for fashion and design. Now along with longtime Manhattan Beach friend and beauty industry veteran Ron Chavers, is introducing its first collection of eponymous fragrances. Designed by Nancy in playful liberty prints, there are three Beehive scents: Honey Blossom, Alice Blue, and Lulu Lemondrop. Each fragrance collection consists of 3.4 oz. Eau de Parfum spray, .37 oz. Eau de Parfum roll-on, 8 oz. Body Lotion and 7 oz. scented candle.

“Our kids went to grade school together and we always see each other at the beach” Chavers recalls. “Dana was the first one to come up with the idea of making beauty products for but it ended up taking us more than five years to get around to it”. My wife and daughters have been Beehive addicts for years so I have been in and out of the store hundreds of times and finally I just said we have to do this”. “The store is just one of those places where everything is incredible. The clothes, the furniture, the design – everything”! “In fact, it was one day when I went with one of my girls to get a birthday present for one of their friends that the whole thing clicked for me”. When I saw the way that Nancy had her staff wrap the gift I knew she would do and incredible job designing fragrance and beauty products”. “The attention to detail, the layers, the colors – the wrap job was almost as nice as the gift itself”. “After that day we moved pretty quickly and now I can’t’ wait to see what’s next”.

Local customers have always known that whatever they crave The Beehive- is where the honey is!